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Inaugural Charity Golf Event - $215K Raised for Hiring Our Heroes

Inaugural Charity Golf Event - $215K Raised for Hiring Our Heroes
Unseasonably warm temperatures provided a welcoming environment for all who came out to honor, remember, and support our nation's veterans in the 2019 Flags of Valor Golf Tournament at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, VA. The event was an outstanding success, helping Flags of Valor raise $215K for Hiring Our Heroes.  To the incredible event committee and the tremendous generosity of the sponsors, Team FOV is grateful for your continued support.  

Who was there?

Many proud Americans showed up to this enormous charity event to express their sincere gratitude for our nation's heroes -- veterans and first responders alike. In attendance were civilians, veterans, current military members, first responders, and all of their families.

Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient for his time serving in the War in Afghanistan with the United States Marines, was also a special attendee and guest speaker at the event.

What was it for?

Flags of Valor hosted this charity golf event to raise funds for Hiring Our Heroes. Hiring our Heroes is an initiative that has been in place since 2011. This initiative's primary goal is to connect veterans, service members, and military spouses with employers in an effort to support our heroes and their families.

Too many veterans struggle to find meaningful employment as they transition to civilian life. After putting their life on hold to protect our freedom, the least we can do is assist them with the next phase of their life. We can achieve this by eliminating the stress of finding a way to support themselves and their families.

Why is it important?

Our veterans and first responders eat, sleep, and breathe America. Every moment of their on-duty life is spent protecting our country, both stateside and internationally. Imagine waking up every morning and sacrificing your every want and desire to keep your nation safe. Imagine not sleeping for more than an hour or two in a night because your city's people needed your help.

Now imagine attempting to find employment after your duties to the nation have been fulfilled, only to discover that your military training does not align with any of your preferred career choices. Or worse, imagine the injuries that incurred in order to keep America free, have left you unqualified for many typical civilian jobs.

Veterans and first responders put their life on the line daily. It is crucial that we, as a nation, show our gratitude and support for these immense sacrifices by giving back in any way that we can.

What can you do?

Help Flags of Valor continue our mission of remembering, employing, and empowering our heroes. Consider donating to charities such as Hiring Our Heroes. Check out our blog or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our page to stay up to date on all of our charity initiatives. Display your patriotism and support our veteran-owned company with one of our flags.

Whatever you do, remember that our country's veterans, service members, first responders, and their families have chosen to put America first. Take the time once in a while to put them first.

Joe Shamess and Brian Steorts Charity Golf Tournament The Flags of Valor Founders - Joe Shamess (Left) and Brian Steorts (Right)  


Curt Christensen (USAF CMSgt - Retired) after playing the National Anthem


Hiring Our Heroes "Chariot"


Bill Steorts - Flags of Valor preparing for put at charity golf tournament

Bill Steorts - Flags of Valor employee number 1, prepares for his birdie.  


Beautiful Day on the exclusive Robert Trent Jones Golf Course


Dakota Meyer speaking at Flags of Valor inaugural charity golf event

Dakota Meyer sharing some of his journey to war and back


God Bless America!