Challenge Coin Holder Flag

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Frame: Unframed
Size: Medium
With Custom Engraving: No
Veteran + American Made

This product is made by military veterans from American grown and made materials

About the Challenge Coin Holder Flag

Display your collection of coins against the timeless backdrop of the American Flag

Country of Origin

United States

Framed Specs

XS: 15x23", 7.5 lbs
Small: 18x29", 9 lbs
Medium: 25x41", 16 lbs

Unframed Specs

XS: 10x18", 2.5 lbs
Small: 13x24", 5 lbs
Medium: 19x36", 10 lbs

Number of Coins

From smallest flag to largest flag: 25, 40, 100


Yes, customization options are available for engraving and framing

Ready to Hang

Yes, each flag comes with pre-mounted hardware, making your flag ready to hang!

Etched Stars

50 etched stars placed in the Union

Showcase Your Collection

Display your collection of coins against the timeless backdrop of the American Flag with ____" deep shelves.


Customizable with special engraving and framing options available.

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American Made

From our home in Winchester, VA, to your front door, every handcrafted item is made in America

Veteran Crafted

Each and every item is handcrafted and personalized by our team of veterans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews

Received my medium flag challenge coin holder in a timely manner. The holder came very well packed with no damage. Using the single wire holder attached to the back, I found the coin holder to be very unstable resulting in my coins almost spilling out the sides. I wound up going to the local hardware store and purchasing heavy duty alligator tooth picture hangers and putting them on each of the upper corners of the coin holder. No more tipping and loosing coins. This coin holder needs more than a single point of attachment to make a more stable hanging.

Kathleen Campbell
My Veteran Loves It

My husband is a USAF veteran and has been wanting a coin holder wooden flag. He was really surprised and he loves it!

Linda Waller
Perfect gift

I bought my coin holder flag for my grandson who serves in the Air Force . I think he’ll love his Christmas gift . It is beautifully made and arrived in perfect shape !

Richard Hewitt
Great product

Incredible, the quality is just incredible

Brandon Brown
Large Coin Holder Flag w/Custom Name - Absolutely Outstanding!

I purchased this for one of my best friends retirement gift. He and I met in basic training 25 years ago and both had long military careers. With that, we have received a bunch of coins that have been sitting in a drawer. This is a perfect way to display all the memories and honors received. I am thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship and delivery speed. I guess I better get one for myself! Well done FOV.