Frequent Questions

Can flags be hung outside? 

No, we do not recommend that the flags be exposed to the elements.  We use a water based paint and lacquer that will wash away if consistently exposed to rain and snow.  

What type of wood do you use for the flags? 

Most of our products are crafted from Eastern White Pine.

Do you do Custom Orders? 

Yes, we do.  Please send all inquiries to, with an image and/or description of what you would like.  A member of our team will contact you directly with a quote based on the size and complexity of work you are looking for. 

Where do you adhere the engraved plate?

We do not physically adhere the plate to our Legacy Collection flags so that you can place it where you think is best after receiving it.  Each plate comes with adhesive strips pre-positioned for easy installation. 

We do adhere the plate, on our framed Homefront Collection flags, to the center bottom frame below the flag.

How long does it take to get the engraved plate? 

Generally it takes 1-2 weeks and we try to include them in the flag shipment as much as possible.   

How large is the engraved plate?

Each engraved plate measures 1.5 " tall x 7" wide unless there is a need to create a wider engraved plate to accommodate a customer's specific request.

I am local, do you have a storefront that I can come and purchase a flag? 

Not currently. Due to COVID-19 we were unfortunately forced to close our showroom. That said, if you are local, please contact us at and we occasionally are able to host appointment only visits in our workshop in Winchester VA.