Frequent Questions

Can flags be hung outside? 

Yes, we coat every flag with a durable polyurethane.  We do recommend that you re-apply polyurethane once a year and hang the flag under an awning when possible.  It is wood, so some natural aging will occur. 

What type of wood do you use for the flags? 

Eastern White Pine 

Do you do Custom Orders? 

Yes, we do.  Please send all inquires to, with an image and/or description of what you would like.  A member of our team will contact you directly with a quote based on the size and complexity of work you are looking for. 

Can I personalize a flag? 

Yes, you can get a personalized American flag with our custom engraved plates.  Also, you can personalize the painting of a flag through a custom order.  However, we do not do custom paint personalization of the Red, White, and Blue 50-star American flag because we feel it can stand on it’s own. 

Where do you adhere the engraved plate?

We do not physically adhere the plate to the flag so that you can place it where you think is best after receiving it.  Each plate comes with adhesive strips prepositioned for easy installation. 

How long does it take to get the engraved plate? 

Generally it takes 1-2 weeks and we try to include them in the flag shipment as much as possible.   

How large is the engraved plate?

Each engraved plate is 3" tall x 5" wide.  

I am local, do you have a storefront that I can come and purchase a flag? 

Yes, we are located in Ashburn Virginia.  Our address is 44200 Waxpool Road, Suite 157 Ashburn, VA 20147 and our hours are 9am-2:00pm Monday - Friday.