Christian - United States Navy

When asked to describe what is important in his life, Christian's reply is simple and unwavering..."Faith, Family, and Freedom".  Christian served in the United States Navy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  "I joined the military because I always had a push to serve others.  Serving the military provided me the opportunity to serve my country." 
Christian's call to serve continued after his service in the Navy was completed.  "Serving in law enforcement allowed me to continue my service to my allows me to protect and save lives here at home."
Christian joined our team in early 2018 and is FOV's Operations Manager.  "FOV has provided me the opportunity to work with fellow veterans and to create art, with my hands, that is near and dear to my heart."
Christian is married with two daughters and continues to actively serve his church community. 

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  • Fellow Shipmate,
    We appreciate your service in our great Navy.
    We are glad you are working for such a great company .
    Scott & Dendy Donovan

    Scott & Dendy Donovan on
  • Thank all of you for your military service and yours also in law enforcement. You folks are working on flags for my brothers and I that will be made from wood from our family farm barn. Our Dad, who served in the Army in WW2, and our Ma taught us a love for our military and for our country. Us eight brothers took that to heart with some serving in the military and three of us in law enforcement. God bless you all and God bless our great country.

    Arnie on

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