Vietnam Veterans - A National Treasure

After September 11th, the United States rallied behind its military service men and women in ways that hadn’t been seen since World War 2.  Unfortunately for the veterans of the Vietnam War, this wasn’t the case.  Most Flags of Valor craftsmen served after 9/11 and grew up watching movies about Vietnam that demonstrated incredible courage coupled with incredible confusion.  Films like Hamburger Hill, Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and The Deer Hunter.  

Most post 9/11 veterans weren’t alive when some Americans ripped up their draft cards or the shootings at Kent State.  Perhaps this is a good thing.  This allows younger generations to view the Vietnam Veteran’s service more objectively for what it was…SERVICE to their nation when called upon.  Answering the call to serve is one of the great tenants of American society and this makes these men and women heroes in their own right.  They returned to a nation that failed to show them the love and gratitude they so badly deserved.  Despite it all, they were resurgent… building businesses, mentoring future generations, and inspiring courageous leadership.  

Every member of Flags of Valor has a great love and admiration for those who served in the Vietnam War.  These feelings have been memorialized in the naming of our most popular wooden American flag, the “Welcome Home”.  When we made this tribute years ago, we didn’t yet realize how impactful it would be.  Since then, we’ve helped thousands of families recognize the service of their Vietnam Veteran loved ones, and we are honored to be a part of it.  We are fortunate to have a Vietnam Veteran (Uncle Joe) on our team and his leadership and mentorship is felt by everyone he interacts with.  Also, we were honored to recognize the courageous service of AC Green with our giving back tour (May he rest in peace).  

To every veteran of the Vietnam War, we proudly salute you and say “Welcome Home”.

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  • That you so much for remembering! I am a returning customer. I am also survivors of my 11B Army combat vet husband (RVN 67-68) and my 13E career Army combat vet dad (RVN 65-66), both of whose deaths were related to exposure to Agent Orange during their combat tours. WELCOME HOME!!

    Pat Collins Miller on
  • I bought one of your flags for my husband who served in Vietnam,, absolutely beautiful,, thank you for all you do!! God Bless!!

    Linda Thibeault on
  • May GOD bless & protect all who serve & have served.
    Navy veteran 66-69

    Fred Bruno on
  • To the entire FOV staff,
    Thank you for your service and creativity that is the foundation of this beautiful organization. Thank you especially for this particular email with emphasis on honoring Vietnam Veterans. Especially honoring “Uncle Joe” for his long dedicated service to our country touched my heart since he was the one who signed my “Welcome Home” Flag that arrived just days ago.
    As a 22 y.o. 2Lt Army Nurse Corps Officer, I was assigned to the initial staff of the 36th Evac Hosp and traveled to Vung Tau in Mar 66. It was an amazing journey, personally and professionally. When I returned home in Mar 67 I was assigned to Western PA/W. Va to recruit register nurses for the Army Nurse Corps. The homecoming I received was the finest and most sincere one could ever hope for but my heart ached for all those returning to their country and treated with such vile hatred and total disrespect.
    To learn of Joe’s extraordinary contribution to the belated but so richly deserved honoring of our service personnel who served so valiantly in Vietnam warms my heart and brings a sense of satisfaction that has been missing for the last 50+ years.
    When I first learned of FOV I knew I had to participate and thus I ordered your signature “Welcome Home” Flag – not just for me but as a way to honor all those who unselfishly did their duty to country, to family and to themselves.
    A huge THANK YOU to each of you who make FOV such a unique organization! This flag Joe created will hang on the wall of my carport, lighted 24/7 so every time I come home I will give thanks to all those who faithfully served and tell each one,

    LTC Esther A. Brisendine RET
    Army Nurse Corps

    Esther A Brisendine on
  • Thank you for honoring the Viet Nam Veterans. My husband Jerry served in 1969 and 1970 and is a proud Veteran!
    The Viet Nam Vets need all the thanks for their service. So many did not receive the proper homecoming they deserved. Today we thank you for your service and remember those who did not return.

    Toni Donahy on

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