Joe - United States Air Force

Joe is a hero in the shop.  The team affectionately calls him "Uncle Joe" because of his wisdom as the resident elder and his ability to mentor the team.  Joe's service began during the Vietnam War where he served as aircrew on the AC130 gunship.  He continued to serve for decades in the Air Force, including as the flight engineer on Air Force One for three US Presidents.  
His impact as a patriot and leader led President George H W Bush to request Uncle Joe be present on the tarmac at Andrews AFB when his remains were brought to the US Capitol to lay in state following his passing.  
We are privileged to have Uncle Joe on our team and although he is in his 70s, he outworks people half his age.  

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  • My best friend at University of AZ Tucson was a crazy, kind, funny Lt. col. A C Green. He loved his Orange Boss Mustang!! He took care of me, was always there for me and after graduation I actually visited him in Germany as well as Hawaii……he disappeared and I could never find him. Is this possibly him? Please let me know….kind regards…he called me Cindy and had a best friend named Phil. FYI MY dad was Lt. Col. Lawrence Pfeiffer medivac..

    Cecilia on
  • God Bless you & Thank You for your service Uncle Joe.

    Rick And Liz Lian on
  • Thank you for your service. My Larry flew Army Hueys in VN. A year later he finally was able to get a slot in an Army Reserve unit. Two weeks after getting his orders to fly the Huey went down in a storm and all aboard were killed. That changed the course of my entire life. I still miss him so much. It makes me feel good when I hear about other VN vets who are making a difference. Thank you again.

    LInda Pemberton on
  • Thanks for all your service for our Country and fir Pres 41.
    Dendy & Scott Donovan

    Dendy Donivan on
  • I had gotten a flag last year in memory of my father, Bill Brown. He was an Air Force Veteran of 23 years. I honestly clicked on Joes Picture because he was Air Force, hey I’m biased. What a surprise! This was an amazing story and to also find out that he still takes time to give back to others.

    Thank you Joe for your continued service to our country. God bless you and all that serve this country.

    Paul Brown on

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