Vertical American Flag - Perfect art for narrow walls

Vertical American Flag - Perfect art for narrow walls

What could be more patriotic than an indoor display of our vertical American flag? It's a perfect decoration for the office, your home, your man-cave and garage. "She-sheds" are another ideal spot for a personal display of patriotism. The trick is selecting the right wall space: tall and narrow and opposite from a sunny window.

Flag Hanging Etiquette 

In flag-speak, we say the "union should be displayed on the flag's own right". In other words, the blue field of stars should be on YOUR LEFT, and at the top. Pay close attention to the windows in the room. Anyone seeing the flag from outside the window should see it this same way.

How you hang the flag is important too. Don't nail it to the wall! Purchase an art hanger to attach to the wall, they're only a few bucks. A nice flag hanger will keep the flag hanging correctly without damaging it, and you won't beat up your walls either. 

It's also important that you do not hang any other flags above our nation's flag, or to "it's right" (your left). 

Lighting Matters

The American flag looks amazing opposite a sunny window. If your specific flag has a deep personal meaning to you, choose a South facing window so that years of UV rays won't slowly fade it. Don't hesitate to pull back the curtains and show your pride to a passersby!

If your narrow wall isn't opposite a window consider an occasional table with a small lamp. Take the time to center it and select up to three little decorations for the table. This is a really nice spot to show off your patriotic memorabilia like medals and a photo of your beloved service member, but don't overdo it. Clutter will diminish the appeal. This is NOT a good place for candles of any kind. 

About Flags of Valor & Our Mission

We are all about service at Flags of Valor. We were founded on the ideas that Made-In-America matters and that our veterans deserve continuing opportunities for work. Our expertise is the American flag. Check out our blog for more great flag information, and choose your vertical American flag today!

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