Vertical Flag
Vertical Flag
Vertical Wooden American Flag

Vertical Flag

Our 50 star wood "Vertical" American flag is different from flags designed to be hung horizontally because the Union has been moved to the opposite side so that it will be correct (Union on the left) when hung vertically. This version of our wooden American flag wall décor has been very popular with customers who want to hang a beautiful piece of wall art on a narrower wall. Ships fast within 7-10 business days!

Vertical American Flag Sizes:
Small: 32" H x 16.5" W
Medium: 42" H x 22" W
Large: 53" H x 28" W
X-Large: 63.5" H x 33.5" W

Customer Reviews

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The Perfect Fit

My vertical flag arrived on Tuesday and I was able to post it nicely across from our front door, anyone entering our home, knows where we stand. The craftsmanship is awesome and appreciate the work that went into it. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to do my part to ensure my brothers and sisters are able to provide for themselves and their families.

John Bronnert
USN-Iraq 2003

Love my flag!

I bought my vertical flag to honor the service of my husband, Air Force, and my son, Army National Guard.

They are both great men, great Americans and I am so proud of their service and sacrifice to the greatest country in the world. Our family has traveled the world and we know this country is the best. This flag also honors all those who served in our families also, including our fathers, brothers, nephews in all branches of our military.

My flag is beautiful, well made and a centerpiece in my home. I have always wanted a wooden flag, and when I saw this one and learned the history of your company, I knew I had to purchase one.

Thank you for the beautiful addition to my home. God Bless each of you and God Bless America!

Vertical Flag

I purchased a vertical flag for my husband for Christmas. We live in a townhouse and have few expansive wall surfaces, so I thought since it takes less wall width, it would be easier to find its' home. The customer service and shipping were phenomenal! At a busy time of year when I had several delayed shipments, I informed customer service (with only a few days' notice) I wanted this for Christmas, and it arrived just in time. Additionally, the craftsmanship is awesome and this looks beautiful on our living room wall. This is a piece of art worthy of being a family heirloom. Thank you!

Wish I had ordered one sooner!

I have had your URL book-marked for months and just now ordered and received the 22" x 42" vertical. I sent you a pic via email of it hanging in my photography work office where I hope it remains permanently displayed. From my work station I can view it every day. Makes me proud to be a vet and prouder that it was made by the hands of combat veterans. I salute you and your team! The colors never run!

Gary Marshall
E4 USAF 1972-1976 and O2 in the Air National Guard 1984-1988.

Thank you so much for your message. Every time we get one of these it makes our day. Thank you sir!

I just saw this one on a Season 14 episode of Criminal Minds!

I saw this vertical flag on Criminal Minds; on an episode called "Luke" Season 14, Episode 6. It is used as wall art that covers a wall safe and it's on a rolling fixture so it can be pushed out of the way in order to open the safe.

Customer Reviews

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