Joe - United States Navy

Joe - United States Navy

You have to meet Joe...a veteran, leader, and proud American we are grateful to have on our team. Joe grew up in New Jersey and went on to join the United States Navy. He wanted to serve because he "wanted to be a part of a group larger than himself." At the time when he joined he was lacking direction in his life. He was working a dead end job and needed purpose.

Wooden American Flag veteran craftsman

He often talks about the many benefits he gained from serving in uniform, especially forcing himself outside his comfort zone and becoming a stronger person.  In the Navy, he served as a master at arms on a handful of ships as well as foreign shores. 

Joe is our Director of Operations. His high energy leadership style and incredible empathy for the veteran journey lifts the entire room. He is also committed to remembering the sacrifices of others. With team FOV, he led the 9/11 Promise Run, where he completed the 240 miles journey from the Pentagon to Ground Zero in New York City. 

When asked what his favorite thing about Flags of Valor:

"I love getting my hands dirty. Working every day...being put to use serving some of the best men I've ever gotten to work with, all motivated...driven. The camaraderie."

Flags of Valor Team carries American Flag in 9/11 Promise Rune

Giant Wooden American Flag behind veteran flag craftsman