Austen - United States Army

Austen - United States Army
We are so lucky to have Austen on our team. His sense of humor and work ethic are a force multiplier. No matter how demanding the day is, Austen is the first one to share a quick joke and a smile to keep the team moving forward. 
US Army Veteran Flag Maker Austen
Austen is a Virginia native who grew up watching the Washington Redskins before going off to join the United States Army.  He served as a Cavalry Scout (19D) at Fort Carson, CO. He went on to deploy to Afghanistan where he wore our nation's flag in combat overseas. When asked why he joined the Army he says "For the honor and the journey." We couldn't agree with him more. 
Since leaving active military service, he is grateful for "the relationships and life lessons" he gained as a veteran. How does he feel about being on Team FOV? "The purpose and mission of FOV is what made me want to come here, but the people here are what make it special." - Austen
We are so fortunate to have teammates like Austen who share a deep love of country and honor our American Flag every day. Whether you're interested in a wooden American flag or simply want to tag along on our journey, please remember the service of people like Austen, who continue to dedicate themselves to the values that make our country great. 
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