Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin Holder Flag

Sale price$ 299.00
Size: Medium
Frame: Unframed
With Custom Engraving: No
Veteran + American Made

This product is made by military veterans from American grown and made materials

About the Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin Holder Flag

Display your collection of coins against the timeless backdrop of the American Flag adorned with the Thin Blue Line

Country of Origin

United States

Framed Specs

XS: 15x23", 7.5 lbs
Small: 18x29", 9 lbs
Medium: 25x41", 16 lbs

Unframed Specs

XS: 10x18", 2.5 lbs
Small: 13x24", 5 lbs
Medium: 19x36", 10 lbs

Number of Coins

From smallest flag to largest flag: 25, 40, 100


Yes, customization options are available for engraving and framing

Ready to Hang

Yes, each flag comes with pre-mounted hardware, making your flag ready to hang!

Etched Stars

50 etched stars placed in the Union

Showcase Your Collection

Display your collection of coins against the timeless backdrop of the American Flag with ____" deep shelves.


Customizable with special engraving and framing options available.

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American Made

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Susan Cory
Coins of Honor

Flag was perfect for the coins I've acquired. Don't get as many now since retirement because I don't have the day to day contacts of "the job". very pleased with my purchase.


the quality seems to be very good.


This product is absolutely gorgeous. My son who was a Marine and now a Duputy in Florida absolutely loved it. Thank you for such great quality work!

Looks better than the photos

To be honest it looks way cooler than I thought it would. I got it customized from my boyfriend with his badge number. It’s a Christmas gift so he hasn’t seen it but I’m sure he’ll love it.

Rick P
Great Product

Repeat buyer! First bought Medium size US Flag coin holder, just bought the small Blue Line coin holder. Great workmanship. Beautiful product. Awesome company!