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Walnut Phone Stand

These beautiful hand made wooden walnut phone stands are perfect for the office or bedside table. Available in a variety of stock styles or customizable with your unit's insignia, our walnut phone stands offer top quality solutions for conducting hands-free video calls, desktop streaming and charging.

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Framed Liberty Flag

These combat veteran made hand crafted wooden American flags are dedicated to something every American values - Liberty. From our nation’s founding to current day, our American liberty is something we cherish and have bled for. Add custom engraving to your wood flag to commemorate your special occasion, a personalized promotion gift, farewell gift, or retirement gift.

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DEWALT Sawblade Award

The Homefront Collection; these rustic wooden American flags are our tribute to the families whose service so often goes unseen. To the wives, husbands, parents, children and entire communities who endure while their loved ones wear our uniform on foreign soil….we remember and honor you. The difficulties of the family’s service can often exceed the rigor of deployed hardships and the Homefront’s mission never ends. Respect their bravery and strength with a piece of framed or unframed American flag art.

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Custom Desktop Flag

Choose from framed (top) or unframed (options) to ensure the flags are the perfect for any space.

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Welcome to the exclusive landing page for the DEWALT and Flags of Valor collaboration. Here, two titans in their respective fields unite to celebrate American craftsmanship and veteran-led innovation. Discover how DEWALT’s trusted tools play a pivotal role in creating Flags of Valor's handcrafted wooden flags, each piece echoing the spirit of patriotism and the unwavering dedication of our veterans.