Thin Blue Line

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Size: 16" x 32"
With Custom Engraving: No
Veteran + American Made

This product is made by military veterans from American grown and made materials

About the Thin Blue Line Flag

Dedicated to the brave men and women serve who honorably serve their communities, combining our nation's heritage with law enforcement's history of the "the long blue line" of service that preceded them

Country of Origin

United States


4 sizes available, see under product photo for exact dimensions

Ready to Hang

Yes, each flag comes with pre-mounted hardware, making your flag ready to hang!


Yes, each flag can be customized with a personalized nameplate


From smallest to largest: 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs

13 Stripes

13 stripes, alternating with subdued white and black


Customizable with special engraving and framing options available.

The Thin Blue Line

Made to honor the police who honorably serve their communities

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American Made

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Each and every item is handcrafted and personalized by our team of veterans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Diann Smith
My son is a police detective and he has a blue line flag.I have wanted one of my own to honor him.

very happy with my flag

George Delker

Great service, Great Flag

Joseph Spielman
Always appreciated

Thanks again for a wonderful product. I really enjoy gifting hard working employees with your flags and the employees really appreciate receiving such a high quality gift. Thanks again.

Colleen fortunato
Thin Blue Line Flag

Your flags are beautiful. However, I was a bit disappointed in my purchase of the Thin Blue Line Flag. The color of the blue line leans to a teal color blue not the deep blue always seen on police items. This was to be a gift for my son making Lieutenant but I'm having a hard time getting past the color blue. When I called customer service the girl did ask the shop if they could darken the color blue and they said no. On the website it shows the correct color blue!! I'm deciding about returning this product.
I do have an American flag from your company that I love!

Reviewer avatar
Absolutely Beautiful Flag

I have been looking at your flags for quite awhile now and have been unable to pick just one to buy... I'm a Veteran and a First Responder... My wife ordered me a Thin Blue Line Flag (it arrived yesterday)... I was instantly super excited when I read the box, but I promised her I would wait till Christmas to open it (I think she wanted to see it as much as I did because she had me open it last night)... Guys, it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...!!! When I lifted the lid to the box, it put tears in my eyes, THANK YOU...!!!
Thank you not only for your service to our Nation, but thank you for your expert craftsmanship...!!! We are hanging it tonight when we decorate for Christmas and all who enter my home will see your work proudly displayed with Honor...!!!