Kids wooden american flag build kit build your own wooden flag
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack
Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack

Kid's Flag Build Kit - 2 Pack

As seen on Fox News! Are you looking for a way to teach kids American values?  The kid's wooden American flag build kit is a wonderful way to bring families together, have fun, and show off your artistry.  All you need is your crayons or markers and a little creativity!  It also serves a great teaching tool about American history as you discuss the symbols within the flag...50 stars, 13 stripes, the colors red, white, and blue. It's the perfect craft kit for boys and girls to create a beautiful American art project for patriotic families! (instructional video here). 

  • Includes TWO wooden American flag kit components, TWO glue sticks, TWO wooden display easel, TWO pieces of sandpaper, and TWO Activity Books (You only need to provide crayons or markers or paint to color the wood flag pieces).
  • No cutting required & Safe for kids of all ages 
  • Completed Dimensions: 5" x 8"
  • Ships FREE

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Customer Reviews

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Rick Malsam
Build your flag.

Your flags were a great project for our grandkids. They enjoyed building flag and learned new things at the same time.

Melanie Naillon
Fun project

My son and I enjoyed assembling and painting these flags on the 4th of July. They were easy to make for an 8 year-old and they turned out very well despite some issues. I would definitely recommend them for anyone from 6 or so up. They would have gotten 5 stars if it seemed like they had not been completely cut through to the lower level and therefore there were no guidelines for the stripes. You can sorta make it up using the bottom and top stripe and the bottom of the stars rectangle as a guide and then eyeball the rest but it still would have been helpful to have the lines as pictured on the booklet. A deeper cut might have also helped with some of the wood tear away when separating the pieces. The second issue we had was that one (just one?) flag’s display’s interlocking pieces were facing the same direction so did not go together. So we’ll have to get creative with the extra pieces to make one. But despite the issues, it’s well worth the money and a great cause to boot!

Gerard Sullivan
Well done

I bought three kits. I sent one to my nephew for his 5 year old as well as a friend for his grandson. Got photos of the kids painting, gluing and assembling. I saved the third for my granddaughter. She's a little young right now. But as she gets old enough...


This is a chance for the Grandkids and friends to have fun with their Grandparents and Parents and at the same time learn about the Flag and their Country, the USA!

flag kit

makes a nice gift & a good way for kids to learn

Customer Reviews

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