How to build your Pledge Flag?

Flags of valor kids American Flag build kit instructions
As parents, we know how difficult it can be to home school children through this  COVID-19 pandemic.  With schools shutdown, we are constantly looking for new ways to keep our kids engaged and motivated so that they can grow through this trying time.  Through our experience in carpentry, we've learned of the many benefits of building something with our bare hands...taking raw wood and converting it into something beautiful and more importantly, MEANINGFUL.  That's exactly what your children will experience when they build their very own wooden American flag...the "Pledge Flag".  
The creative process gives families the perfect opportunity to educate children about the symbols within the flag...the 50 stars, the colors red, white and blue... and the immense sacrifice that Americans have long endured to defend the values she stands for.  Join us in making this crisis an opportunity to better American family values as we unite against COVID-19.
We are excited to help you build your very own Flags of Valor "Pledge Flag" with your flag build kit.  Once you're finished, display it proudly and don't forget to say the pledge of allegiance! Play the video below and follow along.