White House Press Brief - A Voice of Small Business

White House Press Brief - A Voice of Small Business

In early March, as the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic began to truly be felt in the United States, we grew concerned...concerned for our great nation, our friends and family, our company and our team. We knew the economic reality for our company and millions of small businesses was about to change. A week later, we lost two thirds of our revenue overnight. It was as if a switch was flipped and the lights went out. It was devastating. We rallied our team and worked tirelessly to conserve cash so we could keep as many people employed as long as possible. Everyone struggled together, sacrificing greatly in order to save our mission and our company. Ultimately, we were forced to furlough a large part of our team and everyone who remained took drastic reductions in pay. Despite the hardship we've never been more proud of the character and commitment of our people. I attribute part of that character to a common theme of the veteran inspired Flags of Valor ethos...sacrifice for others. Furthermore, to those who are suffering the most, the ill and the departed, the medical professionals working around the clock, and the families of those on the front lines, you are with us every day in our thoughts and prayers.  

Our Nation's Response

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been honored to participate in many discussions with leaders in Washington DC, the team at the US Chamber of Commerce, and the White House. Without exception, the theme of these conversations has been "How do we save American small businesses and the millions of families that rely on them?" Answering that question hasn't been easy and as of this writing, more work is yet to be done. That said, the commitment to American small business has been unwavering. To the White House, Treasury, US Chamber of Commerce, SBA and Bipartisan Congress...we are GRATEFUL! Your actions helped save us and restored our team to work during the greatest economic disaster of our lifetime. Unfortunately, we know some small businesses may not survive. We also know that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) wasn't perfect.  But, IF it were perfect, it would have been impossible. The speed and reach of the PPP is unprecedented in our Nation's history and overwhelmingly helped over 1 million small businesses that so desperately needed it.   

Buy American

    When you buy one of our products you are buying a job...you are directly creating an hour of veteran powered American manufacturing labor.  It's really that simple...American made means American jobs. On top of the socioeconomic benefit to our people, Americans create and build world class products.  It's not a sacrifice to support our neighbors...it's a win-win! Excellent products, community jobs, American supply chains, and even energy savings.

    To Our Nation, Thank You

    Author: Joe Shamess is an American combat veteran of Afghanistan, the Middle East, and East Africa. Joe is an entrepreneur, investor, and a Co-Founder and Owner of Flags of Valor.