What is a Veteran Flag?

What is a Veteran Flag?

Every handmade wooden American flag from Flags of Valor is crafted by a skilled team of combat veterans and becomes more than any ordinary flag. The flags made by these warriors are Veteran Flags, loaded with all of the sacrifice, camaraderie, and unity that come from defending their country. But just what is meant by a "Veteran Flag", anyway?

A Veteran Flag Represents Sacrifice

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have given their lives or been permanently disabled to protect the liberties and way of life that some Americans take for granted.  According to the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all post 9/11 veterans have served with someone who had been killed in combat. When you receive a Veteran Flag from our team of combat veterans, know that it was handcrafted by someone with the true meaning of sacrifice in their heart.

Veterans Killed in Action

A Veteran Flag Represents Camaraderie

As described by Military.com, there are few civilian jobs that can foster the camaraderie that a veteran experienced during their service. From being away from  family, to life-threatening situations, veterans have been forever linked by these high-stress situations. Outside of law enforcement and first responders, few will ever understand the kind of situations that turn strangers into family. Every one of our Veteran Flags stands as a tribute to the bond shared by all combat veterans.

A Veteran Flag Represents America

From both before and after their service, veterans come from all walks of life, all over the United States. From sprawling metropolises to rural communities, veterans represent an America united at a time when many want to see our great nation divided. When you receive one of our flags, let it stand as a visual representation of all the 50 stars together against all aggressors, foreign or domestic.

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