Giving Back

On This Veterans Day

On This Veterans Day

To the American Veteran, we say with a united voice “We are grateful!” 

The veteran experience and culture are foundational to our company's mission.  Before veterans were the lifeblood of our team, they were the lifeblood of our nation’s defense.  A tradition of service and sacrifice that extends unbroken to the very founding of our great country.  We are grateful!

This Veterans Day, we challenge you to say thank you to those men and women who have served. On this Veterans Day, take the time to stop and ask to hear part of their story.  

These stories of service and sacrifice give all of us a chance to foster a deeper connection, a uniting force, that has been the bedrock of the liberties we hold so dear.

Brian Steorts, owner of Flags of Valor

(Brian Steorts, owner of Flags of Valor & Airman)
Flags of Valor is proud of our veteran team and their families.  We are dedicated to remembering, employing, and empowering this great community. While Veterans Day itself is important to remember, we should strive always to find ways to honor them. 
(FOV Craftsmen: Andre (L), Soldier | Eric (C), Airman | Jeremy (R), Marine)
The American Veteran has often sacrificed their own life of normalcy to protect ours. You may not have a personal relationship with a veteran, but next time you meet someone wearing the classic “Vietnam Veteran” baseball cap, notice, say hello and say “We are grateful.”

(Bill, FOV Director of Sales & Soldier)

As of 2016, there were roughly 20 million U.S. veterans, which is about 6% of the U.S. population. Let’s honor them.  Honor those who have passed, those who live, those who are broken or thriving, and the families and communities that support them. 

From the team at Flags of Valor, we say with the utmost conviction, “We are grateful!”