Under Armour & Flags of Valor - The Team

Under Armour & Flags of Valor - The Team

Partners since 2017, Flags of Valor and Under Armour have teamed up on dozens of projects benefiting American veterans and the public at large... two passionately driven organizations focused on bettering lives and communities.  

Why it matters?

Simply, together we can achieve more!  Under Armour "makes you better" and their devotion to this ethos is highlighted through their philanthropy:  "‘We Will’ reflects our shared belief and action: to connect with our hometown communities through partnerships and investments that celebrate the power of Will and bring to life our mission of advancing equality and opportunity in education, activities, and mentorship while making us all better. From the beginning, Under Armour has always believed in performance and the balance of profitability and responsible leadership."  - Under Armour 

Flags of Valor's relationship with Under Armour allows Team FOV to increase its reach to further promote awareness and support for the "total" veteran experience... how we as a nation and local communities can better understand and support the military service member at war, the veteran's return to home, and the families who sacrifice so much along the way.  This impactful relationship serves as catalyst to increase opportunities for Americans to remember, employ, and empower our nation's heroes.  

Some Highlights

Working together to memorialize the horrible losses from the attacks of September 11th with the annual 9/11 Promise Run from the Pentagon in Washington DC to Ground Zero in New York City.  

Flags of Valor 9/11 Promise Run Wooden Thin Red Line Flag

(The team after running the 9/11 Promise Run w/ a wooden Thin Red Line American Flag)

Armour Day 2019, FOV joined forces with Under Armour staff in creating hundreds of wooden American Flag awards for the Warrior Games.  

(Eric instructing the process with Under Armour Staff)

Some Team FOV veterans receiving mentorship from UA's CEO Patrik Frisk at the workshop.

Patrik Frisk with Veterans from Flags of Valor

 Collaborating on a special thank you for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Honoring the heroism of an American Hero, Veteran, Athlete:  Ellie Marks

Flags of Valor Brian Steorts with Kevin Plank Dwayne Johnson and Ellie Marks

(Kevin Plank, Dwayne Johnson, Brian Steorts presenting custom wooden flag to Ellie Marks)