Remember Our Heroes

The Battle of Midway Anniversary

The Battle of Midway Anniversary

75th Anniversary Reflection

June 4th, 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway.  It was a decisive event that altered the offensive capabilities of the Imperial Navy and turned the tides in the Pacific theater.

The United States. lost the carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5) and a destroyer the USS Hammann (DD-412)  307 American servicemen paid the ultimate.

Many more sacrifices followed with loss of life on both sides of the fight.  Today, lets look back and celebrate the lives of the airmen, sailors and soldiers who took valorous action and gave all they had to defend our nation.

Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary - Thank You from Flags of Valor Crew 

The Mission Continues

As time marches on and those veterans and family members with first hand knowledge and experience on all fronts of World War II are laid to rest, we are called to remember,  Yes, the battle was won and eventually the war in the Pacific.  Let us not forget, let us always remember - it is in doing so we honor their collective memories.

All across America, in towns and cities of all sizes, in retirement communities and nursing homes the heros of the WWII generation rest - some with peace others in quiet solitude.  Our call to you and all fellow Americans is to remember them, visit them.  In doing so, the fruit of their sacrifices will bring peace, joy and love.

We stand on their shoulders.  Lets us never forget.  Let us always remember.