Supporting Our Veterans Through Charity

3 Best Practices to Find the Right Charity

Donating to veteran-supporting charities is a great way of showing your gratitude for those who have served. While there are a lot of charities that really do make a positive impact, there are also some that may not make the best use of your funds.

Sifting through veterans charities can be a daunting process, so how can you determine which one is right for you? Here are 3 best practices to use in your research when determining which is the right charity in which to donate your hard-earned money and time.

3 Best Practices to Find the Right Charity

1 - Dive into the charity's website

The Federal Trade Commission recommends really picking apart the charity's website. Look for information about how it uses donations, its mission, and its programs. If you can't find any specifics, be wary. We like the clarity of Stop Soldier Suicide, Hiring our Heroes, and TAPS. Their mission, processes, and financials are crystal clear.

2 - Research the charity

Unfortunately, even with the most legitimate-looking websites, some charities can be very poorly-managed or even a complete scam. The Federal Trade Commission has provided us with a list of websites that are dedicated to finding and weeding out these fake or badly run charities.

3 - Find out what percent of donations are used for charitable programs

This information should be readily available on the charity's website, as mentioned previously. Just because 100% is not used directly for the charity's program does not mean that they are not legitimate. Even the best charities have overhead costs, which are necessary to run any organization. recommends researching a charity's financials to ensure that your donations aren't lining non-profit executive's pockets.

Empowering our American heroes by donating is something that we can do to show our gratitude and support for our veterans. Ensure that your support to veterans charities is being put to use properly and efficiently by simply doing a bit of research before giving.