American Small Business

Representing Small Business to the US Senate

Representing Small Business to the US Senate

We were recently privileged to represent American small business and the US Chamber of Commerce to the US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. This was a first for our company and we approached it as a special patriotic duty to properly tell the true story of how many small businesses are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful to live in a nation that has such devoted elected officials and senior appointees focused on battling these trying times together. Chairman Senator Marco Rubio and Ranking Member Senator Ben Cardin provided strong voices of empathy and hope for the grit that defines so many of our countries business owners. This Senate committee, joined by the support of the White House, Treasury, and Small Business Administration, have undoubtedly saved millions of American businesses from closing permanently through their prescient action. 

That said, their work is far from complete. As the impacts of the pandemic are still being exacerbated in some industries and many more continue to struggle, we will need to work harder than ever to thrive into the future. For now, Flags of Valor is grateful to be alive and operating our veteran powered American manufacturing engine. We know many large corporations are beginning to reassess their international supply chains. We hope that they will consider returning them to the United States, and we stand ready to help them solve their manufacturing needs.

Clip of Joe Shamess testifying before the US Senate, June 3rd, 2020

Joe Shamess and Tom Sullivan (US Chamber of Commerce Vice President) 

Joe Shamess United States Senate Testimony

Chairman Senator Marco Rubio and Joe Shamess after the conclusion of hearing.

Senator Marco Rubio and Joe Shamess

Author: Joe Shamess is an American combat veteran of Afghanistan, the Middle East, and East Africa. Joe is an entrepreneur, investor, and a Co-Founder and Owner of Flags of Valor.