Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart Day 2017

What is Purple Heart day? On August 7th, 1782 the Badge of Military Merit was established by the authority of General George Washington. By the first World War it would become known as the Purple Heart.

The story of the citation has taken many turns through history, having seen many changes in name, design, and award criteria. One thing remains unchanged, the recognition of being wounded or killed in action in defense of the United States of America as a member of the armed forces.

August 7 Purple Heart Day - Thank you from Flags of Valor

Why it Matters

The Purple Heart serves as a reminder to the generations that follow of sacrifices made. The wounds some carry are memory enough. However, it is the Purple Heart in particular and the stories behind the medal that endure from fathers to sons, and daughters to granddaughters.

To all the recipients of the Badge of Military Merit Purple Heart citation, the team at Flags of Valor offers our sincere thank you and cherish your honored service.