Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Day of Remembrance

This Memorial Day the team at Flags of Valor took part in a number of events surrounding this day of remembrance.  Here is a recap of some great encounters we shared that are worth broadcasting to further define our collective mission.

In a recent post, I recounted the first exchange of a handcrafted wooden flag to the widow of a fallen warrior.  It was that profound encounter that shaped what became Flags of Valor.  The mission for FOV was captured during that first exchange and drives all that we do in Giving Back.

Rolling Thunder 2017 - Thunder Alley

Our main event took place in Washington DC - at Thunder Alley as part of Rolling Thunder 2017.  A great turnout was on hand and we made new friends including Christian, who was there to remember his father, a fallen Marine.  We had the distinct pleasure of meeting him, and last week his mother at the American Widow Project.

We seized the moment, knowing Christian's special bond with USMC, and crafted a flag for him to have.  After he received the flag, former Marines in our group were asked to sign the flag from there it was game on.

Here Christian and Rolling Thunder Founder Walt Sides find time to pause and reflect on an action packed day.

The Mission Continues

The team at Flags of Valor hold fast to the commitment to Give Back to the country and communities of patriots and veterans.  As this story of giving back unfolds we will share and share more.  Each event, each encounter, and each exchange will further the efforts to Give Back.

We invite you to join our efforts, sign-up for our newsletter and/or follow us on social media.  Stay in touch, share your story and remember to answer #wheresyourflag

Giving Back Remember Our Heroes

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  • thanks for the support-101st ABN

    vince carta on
  • I am so proud of our military and our veterans. My father served in several ways and I will be ordering a flag to honor his service and his memory. Thank you for the opportunity to have something i will cherish to display with his photos and mementos from the Philippines and Japan. I wish you every success with your business and charitable endeavors. Bless you all.

    Tammy Jett on
  • I will be proud to have the honor to own our flag. I say ours because I served in the army 1968/1969. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. I continue to tell everyone about your efforts. Thank you for all the things you have done.

    Harvey Kecskes on
  • Dear Brian – I just received the flag I ordered for my husband Gary for Father’s Day. I am just blown away at the craftsmanship and beauty of this flag and the personal note from the Veterans who crafted this brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of all of you for your service and this amazing product. My husband also is a craftsman and carpenter and I know he will just love it. I can’t thank you all enough, I can’t wait to give this to him and I know I will be back for more. May God bless all of you and all of our Veterans. We stand with all of you.

    Ginnie Long on
  • I am proud of you guys. I am a Viet Nam Vet. Giving back is an awesome experience, one which we all should take more time to do. You guys are doing it.

    Thank you!

    Bill Vaccaro on

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