Meet Lauren - Hero on the Homefront

Flags of Valor child holding wooden American flag

We are thrilled to introduce one of our newest FOV teammates. Please meet Lauren, our Director of Business Development. She hails from a long line of servant leaders who've dedicated themselves to defending others. Her father is a retired Fire Captain. Her husband is a combat injured Marine veteran. Lauren and her incredible family love our country. They've proven this devotion through heroism overseas and here at home. She's gracefully kept it all together, through her husband's rehabilitation, deployments, giving birth alone, and welcoming a hero home from war. We cannot say it enough...Lauren we are grateful to have you on our team as the primary voice to all our supporters! Lauren and her family are everything right with America!

In Lauren's words:

"Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I am a veteran’s wife, a mother, and also the Director of Business Development for Flags of Valor! 

I joined FOV because their mission hits right at my heart. My husband was active duty infantry in the United States Marine Corps for 14 years until he was medically separated for injuries sustained during a combat deployment in Iraq. While I have never been on the frontlines of the battlefield, I have been on the frontlines of the homefront. I know what it feels like to say goodbye and to wait earnestly for the call that they are coming home. I know what it feels like to have sleepless nights, to spend birthdays and anniversaries alone, to welcome a child into the world alone, and to be the soul cheerleader at sports games or graduations. I know what it means to be both “mom” and “dad” and to be a wife to someone who loves their country and whose deepest desire is to always, always answer the call. 

I love FOV and was so honored to become a part of their team because they not only love the ones who answer the call but they love the ones like me – the wives, the mothers, the brothers, the sisters and the children – who hold their breath and their head high as they wait and they pray and they sometimes grieve for the ones they send.  FOV believes in our great country and they stand behind the men and women in uniform who every day choose to answer the call. I am so proud to be a part of a company like FOV whose deepest desire is to help pick up the pack and carry the load of those who have given themselves to a mission and a calling that is far greater then themselves and often requires more than they have to give. 

I am so excited to connect with the many of you who have similar histories and I am so honored to be able to serve the community of supporters that make the mission of Flags of Valor possible! "

Lauren and her happy kids holding a wood American flag

Lauren and her happy kids!

USMC Family at 29 Palms

All American USMC family serving at 29 Palms. 

Lauren telling her deployed husband that they are having a girl!

Welcoming your deployed marine home from war

Unforgettable feelings, welcoming your deployed Marine home from war.

Sharing a patriotic moment with your child

Lauren sharing a special moment with her son.