Flags of Valor's first customer John Murphy - Thank you!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all of us at Flags of Valor would like to give a special thank-you to John Murphy, our first customer.

An avid motorcycle rider and pilot, he is a huge supporter of America’s first responders, especially in the Loudoun County community. Back when we started Flags of Valor, he was also our neighbor. We showed him our first flag, which we had named “First Responder.” He purchased it immediately, and became our first customer!

We cherish all of our customers. But this first purchase, re-affirmed our belief that we could fulfill our mission of creating meaningful work for veterans by crafting patriotic American art. Thank you, John, for being a great American—and for your belief in our company, right from the start.

We also want to voice our sincere thanks to …

…All our customers: Thank you for your patriotism, your respect for the flag and all it stands for, and for your support in recognizing that “Made in America” still matters.

…Our craftsmen: Thank you for your incredibly hard work, the passion you put into your craft, and for the enduring spirit of brotherhood, you create in our workshop.

…All American veterans, service members, and first responders: Thanks to our veterans and front line response teams for your service! In addition to all you and your families have sacrificed, we honor your courage and willingness to serve.

…Our entire American family: We are so thankful for the heritage—and the future—we share, and for the American flag that is our own “family crest,” symbolizing our freedom and our unity.

Happy Thanksgiving!