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Giving Back Tour: Braxton Davis Lee Runs for State Troopers Who Can’t

Giving Back Tour: Braxton Davis Lee Runs for State Troopers Who Can’t

Next on FOV’s Giving Back Tour we met Braxton Davis Lee. 

And what an inspiration it was! Two years ago, a Virginia State Trooper was killed in Braxton’s community. Seeing the trooper’s photo on a donation jar, this small boy set out to raise money for the family by running races. Braxton’s mother and father—Maryann and William—weren’t sure it would be possible. But after nine races, this determined child had covered over 30 miles and raised $3,500 for the fallen trooper’s family.

Today, Braxton continues his mission, running to honor fallen Virginia State Troopers and make sure they are never forgotten. He has now run more than 100 races, including a half marathon (13.1 miles!) that took him from Detroit into Canada and back again. To each race, he brings an American flag inscribed with the names of the fallen troopers and their badge numbers.

Braxton may be small, but he’s one of the biggest patriots we know. His dedication to running for the troops who can't, honoring the memory of Virginia’s first responders, truly inspires us. The Flags of Valor flag we presented to him is too heavy to bring to races, but we hope it will be an enduring reminder of our appreciation for his efforts to give back to his community and his country.

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