Giving Back Tour: A.C. Green’s Vietnam Homecoming

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During the Vietnam War, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Charles (A.C.) Green completed 130 missions, often deep in the jungles and stranded for days. By the time A.C. returned stateside to spend nine months in the hospital recovering from injuries, he’d earned two Purple Hearts, the U.S. Army’s Distinguished Service Cross and the Bronze Star medal.

A.C.’s sister, Ruthann Wingate (who nominated him for recognition in FOV’s Giving Back Tour), told us that he gave the best part of his life to the Service. He did—and he served well. Despite the multiple occasions on which he was shot in the chest and back, A.C. says he regrets nothing and that his time in Vietnam left him with experiences he never wants to forget.

When we visited A.C. outside Denver, he was so open with his memories. We were honored to hear his inspiring story of courage and commitment to his country. It was our privilege to present him with an FOV rustic wooden American flag, and to give A.C. a long-overdue "Welcome Home!" from Vietnam, along with our sincere thanks for all he has sacrificed to serve our nation.

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  • Is this the same AC Green that went to Uof A in tucson, and had a pumpkin-colored Mustang???

    Rose on
  • While A.C. may not remember me, as I served under him for only a couple years as a green Lt (Casual Chuck, 1/18th Infantry) after Vietnam, I have always regarded him as the finest leader I ever worked for. One of my Military Science instructors during ROTC gave me some advice. Remember what your best bosses did well, and do those things. Remember what your worst bosses did poorly and avoid those things. For all of my military and civilian careers, I tried to follow this advice. A.C. gave me so many examples of what to do to be a good leader, that I cannot fully relate the impact he had on whatever successes I achieved in my life. Thanks, A.C.

    Dave Osborne on
  • Thank you Sir!

    Stephen R. Dodimead on
  • Brian, seems like our communications are always me THANKING YOU for your wonderful words and celebrations of our AMERICAN veterans. Again I can’t thank you enough for what you did for AC and our entire family. God Bless you, your family (at home and FLAGS OF VALOR workers) for the gift of acknowledgement. Keep up the wonderful work that YOU do.

    Ruthann WIngate on

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