Supporter Feedback - JUNE 2017

Posted by Brian Steorts on

The team at Flags of Valor appreciates the notes of thanks.

The stories from our friends and supporters continue to pour in.

FOV Community Notes and Letters

I wanted to pause and share some of the feedback we have received – most recount specific memories of people, places and the sacrifices of beloved parents, siblings and spouses.  It is an honor to all of us at Flags of Valor to share a place in your homes and hearts.

Here is a note from the wife of a fallen service member:

"My husband…recently passed away while serving…I was presented with one of your works of art, which rode home with him back to Virginia.  I know he would have been honored by your work.  Thank you.

Another, from a USN veteran who served as a Hospital Corpsman:

"My journey of reflection while staring at this flag was like an unfamiliar roller coaster of high high’s and some dips of memory associated with my personal service experiences…

And this from the daughter of WWII Army Veteran of the Pacific Theater:

"His most often quote was “Freedom Is Not Free”.  This resonates with me…so often we see this on the news, whether through a fatality, or watching so many veterans go through life after they return…you are helping so many Americans through this wonderful campaign.

Please continue to share your notes – they are welcome reminders of the goodness of those who stand the gap on behalf of their fellow countrymen.


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