Flag Build with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Flag Build with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

On October 1st, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Council arrived at our showroom in Ashburn, VA to participate in making wooden American flags with us.

About 40 people poured into our creative space and workshop and took turns crafting their own handmade flags. Some brought their flags home, while others decided to send them as gifts to businesses or members of the military.

We celebrated our third birthday on the 1st, and it was an honor to share that day with those who came out to the build. The flag build started with a short introduction by Eric Eversole (Vice President of Hiring our Heroes) and Tom Sullivan (Vice President of Small Business Policy at the Chamber) before half the participants migrated to the workshop.

Putting on aprons and safety glasses, the members were assigned to a table which was led by a craftsman. Army veterans, Bill and Andre, and Marine veteran, Jeremy, each guided a table through the process of sanding, painting, and putting together a flag.

While the first group was working on their flags, the second group mingled and shared food and drinks from J.R’s Custom Catering in our creative space right outside the workshop.


One of the participants, Melissa Bercier, left a comment on our Facebook about the event saying, “I had the one of a kind opportunity to create a flag with the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council. The staff is wonderful, the story is incredibly touching, and gifting these flags will definitely change someone’s life in a positive way!”

(Bercier on left) 

Eric Eversole, VP of Hiring our Heroes, shared his experience on social media saying, “Veterans returning home from service come back to small towns, hungry for new ways to serve. Veteran-owned small businesses like Flags of Valor bring unique innovation, creativity, and camaraderie to the business world.”

(The members with their finished flags)

We were honored that our first flag build was with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and we look forward to many events with them in the future.


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