Doing Good with PenFed Foundation

Since our founding we've dedicated ourselves to serving others and giving back. One of the great American veteran serving charities we've worked with is the PenFed Foundation. This incredible organization, led by GEN (R) John Nicholson, executes wide-ranging programs that support veterans and their families through transition, financial distress, crisis, and even entrepreneurship

Together, we can do more.

Since Flags of Valor's beginnings, we've been privileged to partner with the PenFed Foundation on fundraising and awareness campaigns. We've raised tens of thousands of dollars to support their work and seen its results first hand through the many lives they make better. Even more impressive is their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, when they rapidly stood up an Emergency Financial Relief Program to directly support the worst affected veteran families.

At Flags of Valor, we are all about service...past, present, and future. Our partnership with PenFed Foundation has given us many opportunities to give back...raising money, mentoring, volunteering, and building awareness on veteran issues. We look forward to many more years of doing good together.

Flags of Valor donation raises $30,000 for PenFed Foundation

(Flags of Valor Custom Wooden Flag Donation Raises $30,000 for PenFed Foundation)

PenFed Digital Collaboration

On top of everything the foundation does, the PenFed digital team, led by Andrea McCarren, is dedicated to telling deeply emotional stories of inspiration, resilience and service. We were honored to collaborate with her and her team in the creation of this video.

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