Cross Project - Hope and Freedom

Cross Project - Hope and Freedom

We are honored to be trusted with some of our supporters most important projects.  From converting an old family barn into wooden flags to building one of kind burial flag cases for a hero's survivor, we approach every custom work as if we are part of the family requesting it.  This most recent build was no exception.  It was brought to us early in the COVID-19 pandemic and when we accepted it we had no idea how impactful it would be once delivered.  

The Challenge

David Keuhner, One Family Brewing Loudoun County VA, asked us to create a 10 foot tall by 6 foot wide wooden Cross. "Once this COVID-19 crisis broke out and they were quarantining us to our homes I thought about the 1000’s of Gold Star families that won’t be able to visit their loved ones on Memorial Day. Perhaps we could do something and bring a day of remembrance to them. Now through Memorial Day we will be laying flags beneath this cross in honor of our fallen heroes.  So far over 400 flags have been sponsored."  David shared that he feels the Cross is a powerful symbol "for hope and freedom."  

The Impact

Our operations manager, Christian Jordan, took the lead. "Building the cross really brought some heavy emotions into play.  I was baptized last Easter, along with my 8 year old daughter, Trinity. I grew up "Christian", but never studied, read or practiced any of the principals. It wasn't until I hit the lowest time in my life, that I was able to see the cross for what it was. The ultimate Love. Sacrifice. Redemption. To build a 10 ft x 6 ft cross, during Holy Week, with Easter Sunday in a couple days, literally gave me chills. Hammering the carriage bolts into the posts and feeling the weight of wood fight the hammer, made me pause and think about what it must have been like, 2000 years ago. Emotional. Honestly, I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to build it and grateful that I had the chance to do it alone." 

We are grateful to David and One Family Brewing for trusting us with this important project!

Flags of Valor crafting wooden crossFlags of Valor using Dewalt Miter Saw

Fitting wooden Cross pieces together

One Family Brewing Cross Memorial

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