CELEBRATE America - Independence Day 2017

Flags of Valor - Happy Birthday USA

Independence Day – 2017

Over the generations Americans from all walks of life and ages have wrestled to hold fast to the gift of freedom embraced on July 4, 1776.  The wheels set in motion with the signing of the Declaration of Independence continue to roll.

The Fourth of July conjures images of parades, cookouts with family and friends and of course fireworks.  For 241 years Americans of all walks and traditions have joined together to celebrate the bonds that unite in spite of the differences that may separate.

Celebration July 4th in USA - FOV

Some generations in the America journey enjoyed the sunshine of peace and prosperity, while others clouds of turmoil and strife.  So, as you celebrate and rejoice in the goodness and free air that you breath consider those currently serving on all fronts.

Fourth of July in America - Flags of Valor - Happy Birthday USA

Of all the days to fly the flag – today is THE DAY.  The birth of the grand experiment in liberty continues forward.  Your participation is vital to success – seek out the stories and shared experiences of past generations – ask them what the day means to them, what the flag means to them.  

The asking, listening and sharing is one of the greatest gifts you can give on this birthday celebration.  Remember to pass it on to the next generation.

Happy Birthday America!