California Cub Scouts - Serving Others

California Cub Scouts - Serving Others

We are fortunate to share stories of service with so many great Americans. This story is no exception. Christian Asis is a proud father and selfless leader of Cub Scout Pack 705 in Dana Point, CA. Early on during the COVID-19 pandemic he needed a way to stay connected with his scouts and continue their development as servant leaders. He bought Kid's American Flag Build Kits for ALL of them and personally delivered them.

Each scout built and dedicated theirs to something greater they believed in...whether it be our American values or a deceased veteran in their families. The stories he's shared are up lifting and inspiring. Most recently, they've begun donating the flags to people in their lives who are serving others. From school principals to medical professionals to police chiefs, they are showing gratitude to their neighbors. Many of the veterans at Flags of Valor were Cub Scouts too once...and the lessons we learned as scouts helped inspire us to serve in the military and beyond.

Christian, we are grateful to you, your son Nolan, and all the scouts in Pack 705. Thank you for sharing your story of joy and hope with us, because together we can do more!

California Cub Scouts Building Wooden American Flags for the community

California Cub Scouts Wooden American Flags Dedicated to Those who Serve

California Cub Scout Giving Wooden American Flag To His School Principal