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Beaches of Normandy Landings - June 6, 1944

Beaches of Normandy Landings - June 6, 1944

78th Anniversary D-Day

Operation Neptune - Operation Overlord - The Normandy landings - DDay.  The various titles of the invasion are specific to those who participated in the strategic planning, the preparation and the execution - but to all it meant the same thing.

On this day in June 1944, the war in Europe turned with the invasion by the Allied forces leading to the eventual defeat of Hitlers regime.  The forces of men from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Free France, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Poland all contributed to the successful invasion.

We owe and share our thanks to those on the frontline - 156,000 in the invasion force with 10,000+ casualties and over 4000 killed in action.

June 6, 2017 DDay Anniversary Thank You from the team at FOV

We remember, and as stated in a recent post about the anniversary of the Battle of Midway, we never forget.  We believe the American flag is our nation's family crest and we will honor you every day by crafting them every day.  To those who participated in the invasion of the continent - THANK YOU from the men and women at Flags of Valor.