Meet our Newest Craftsman

The Flags Of Valor team is thrilled to announce the addition of our newest craftsman.  Philip joins our team of artists after completing his service in the US Marine Corps.  He's an Afghanistan veteran, having served two deployments overseas.  He adds even more depth to the team with his background as a master carpenter.  Thank you Philip!


Veteran Jobs

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  • God bless all the people who make up this wonderful organization. I saw it this Memorial Day morning as the show was closing on “Megan Kelly”, my hat is off to you all for you service. The land of the free because of the brave. I will be placing an order as soon as my husband walks through the door. Keep up all the good work you do, it is serving a higher purpose. Most Sincerely, Barbara Smith (SC)

    Barbara A. Smith on
  • Yesterday we received my “Welcome Home” flag and we will be mounting it at the entry hall to our home. How great that this Marine got a beautiful Welcome Home from a fellow Marine.
    Thank you for the beautiful work.
    Semper Fidelis from a Vietnam Marine.

    CWO-4 (Ret) Vic Young on
  • I cannot express how grateful I am that you started this company. Today, Memorial Day I honor my father a WWII veteran who served in the Pacific and was awarded 2 Purple Hearts. I ordered 2 T shirts so we can wear them proudly.

    MArion Masterson on
  • We will patiently wait for our flag. Thank you for the update. We saw you on ABC news and immediately ordered our flag. We would like to have as many vets as possible sign our flag that we will proudly display on our house. Today, Memorial Day, I honor my son and my grandson as well as other vets by wearing a flag tee shirt and flying our flag on our house. Bless all of you.

    Shirley Gillespie on
  • God bless you all for your service & for giving back. I want to purchase the Phantom Fury & some more when I can as gifts. We live in a great nation & we need to always buy USA products. Love your flags!
    My granson is a Army Ranger right now. My husband was in the Marines. My brothers & brother n law served in the Army & Navy. My dad served in the Army serving in World War II & Korea. He was wounded two different times. I appreciate all that have & are serving. Praying daily for their protection.

    Jan Williams on

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