First Post - Where's Your Flag?

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Welcome to our blog.  As of 12 October, we are finally and officially LIVE on the web. Our fantastic team of Veteran artists are working every day to craft beautiful pieces of American art.  I hope you support us, and more importantly, the "Where's your flag?" movement.  

Giving Back Operation Thank You staff update

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  • The flags are wonderful and so are all of you!!! Thank you for your service to the greatest country in the world. May God bless you and continue to each day. And I thank the soldiers in my life especially my husband and son. Their sacrifice and service to America and your service and sacrifice make me proud to be an American. Bless you all.

    Marcia Stubbeman on
  • I saw your company/mission on World News and was so impressed! My Grandfather served in WWII, one Uncle served in Korea and the other in Vietnam. All Army! God Bless you for what you make and what you do for our Vets! I’m ordering a flag for myself to honor my family and this great country!

    Heidi Sargeant on
  • Got the flag wed.,boys will be here Friday night,y’all are wonderful,need to ask a question, can this flag be huge out Sid he said if he got one he would hang it on the garage so everyone can see thank you virginia

    VIrginia sTutts on
  • I too saw your company profiled on ABC World News with David Muir. It touched me through & through. Although my father did not serve in WW2, his 4 older brothers did. One did not come home & one came home mentally & emotionally damaged & took his own life. My father-in-law served in the Air Force for many years in 3 different conflicts & my husband served in the Army Reserves. I will proudly display this flag in my home although it is not typical of my decor. It is a beautiful reminder of this country & the freedoms it represents. I will cherish your flag for as many years as I am here to display it & convey your story each time I am asked about it. Thank you for your service & that of all those who work with you to produce such a wonderful product.

    Lynn Rush on
  • what a fantastic story, love the look of the flags and will be buying one soon. I do have a question, do you/can you make smaller ones that could be put buy a front door? Vertical?

    Carol on

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