First Post - Where's Your Flag?

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Welcome to our blog.  As of 12 October, we are finally and officially LIVE on the web. Our fantastic team of Veteran artists are working every day to craft beautiful pieces of American art.  I hope you support us, and more importantly, the "Where's your flag?" movement.  

Giving Back Operation Thank You staff update

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  • I just saw your story on ABC’s World New and I knew instantly that I wanted to order one foe my son. My problem is I do not know which one to order. My son is retired from the Army. He served with the 1/75 Ranger Batt as an Army Ranger with 6 deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now a Deputy Sheriff. So I could do the “Front Line” “The Thin Blue Line” or one of the traditional Flags…

    Cheryl BECKER on
  • I just ordered the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Flag for my father. And proudly have two other FOV flags displayed in our home. They are truly amazing to look at. What workmanship! Thanks to all at FOV for your service to our country.
    God bless! The Whites

    Dean White on
  • I am very happy to have found your website. I am a true patriot, and love my God, my country, my family, and all the brave warriors who have fought to keep this country free, and to protect me from harm’s way!

    Thank you all for your service, and may God bless your recovery, and bless the hands that make these wonderful flags.

    Trudy Harder on

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