Justin - United States Army

Justin - United States Army

An Indiana native, Justin joined our team following his service in the US Army. "I served because my grandfather was a WW2 veteran." Think about how honorable a calling it must be to follow your grandfather's path into the profession of arms. Justin lives that honor every day through his actions. His relentless work ethic and unmatched kindness to everyone around him, make Justin an irreplaceable addition to our team. 

Justin US Army Veteran wood flag maker

He says "the best part about serving was developing as a person and being around a great group of people." He continues to serve today by sharing his veteran experience and our American values with the world. Why does he spend his day crafting veteran made products with Team FOV? He says "FOV has given me that brotherhood feeling again. The knowledge of everyone in the room has helped my professional as well as personal development."

While on active duty, Justin served as a 92Y Supply Specialist. He was assigned to Fort Benning in garrison and is a veteran of Afghanistan where he served for a year long deployment. Justin, we are grateful to have you on our team!

Veteran maker on security detail in Afghanistan


Justin veteran making wood american flag