Andre - United States Army

Andre - United States Army
Andre joined our team in early 2018 and established himself as an important member immediately.  Andre served in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.   In his words, "I joined the Army to be somebody...not just a statistic.  I joined to better myself and push beyond my limits."
In reflecting on his time in the Army, Andre is "most proud of having earned my CIB and to have served my country, and the United States Army, honorably". 
At FOV, Andre has found a "place that allows me to be myself again."  In his spare time, Andre is pursuing a college degree and volunteers at behavioral health clinics.
In his own words:  
"I don't just live in the United States, I love it!  It's pride no one can take away."
"When I left the military I was lost.  I had got two DUI's back to back and felt like a failure.  I didn't have a degree so I was not qualified for a lot of good paying jobs.  Employers would see my driving record and I would get disqualified for having an unsatisfactory driving record.  I lost a lot because of my relationship with alcohol and bad decision making." 
"Then I found FOV, or should I say they found me.  They gave me therapy and provided me with a platform.  Immediately it was ""What can they do for me to make me better.""  Not what can I do for the company.  I was not just supported by my family, but now part of the FOV tribe.  I learned to direct all my energy into these flags.  It became therapy.  It was the thousands of supporters I don't know that prayed for me.  It was the empowering veterans and giving back that gave me hope again.  I love what I do!"