The Thin Blue Line

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What is the Thin Blue Line Flag?

A question we have been asked from time to time, and worth some explanation.  While the roots of the thin blue line trace its origins to the United Kingdom, it has grown in popularity here in the United States as a recognition of the commitment of law enforcement as protectors to our communities.


Thin Blue Line Original Symbol


The Thin Blue Line flag is a field of black background separated by a thin blue line. The symbolic meaning of this thin blue line is representative of all law enforcement officers. On top you have the law abiding portion of a community + a thin blue line + and all others who would intend chaos and destruction.

The team at Flags of Valor recognizes the incredible demands on law enforcement around our county, nation and beyond.  We also share a common sense of fellowship forged in dangerous life and death situations.

The Flags of Valor Thin Blue Line flag incorporates the original design expanded onto subdued Old Glory wooden American flags, below.

Honor & Respect

Often times the best way to help yourself is to help others – and for our team of combat veterans creating our Lines Collection and the Thin Blue Line wooden flag in particular is one way we can honor our brothers and sisters in blue.


Police Week 2017 - WDC - Thin Blue Line


We welcome the opportunity to recognize the law enforcement community and the services they perform for the common good.  Please pay them honor and respect as they serve as the line between order and chaos.

Community Police Week Thin Blue Line

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