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Custom Wooden Sign Made by Veterans


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Meaningful gifts, employee recognition awards & client appreciation gifts...we will build a custom product for you that will leave the recipient speechless. These creations are far more than gifts with meaning. Beyond the American materials and made in the USA tools... it's the combat veteran hands involved in the artistic craftsmanship. It's our team's embodiment of service and sacrifice that transcends the gifting process. Join us in creating a world class product exclusively for you!

Flags Of Valor LLC
Custom Patriotic Wood Farewell Gift
Flags Of Valor LLC

Unforgettable Gifts

...for the people most important to us.

It's never easy to find the words that properly capture our gratitude and admiration for others. This is especially true when it comes to saying farewell to a friend, employee, or boss. How do you commemorate an anniversary or retirement in a way that can be appreciated for decades to come? Those are the questions we have a passion for answering. Let's get your unforgettable gift started today!

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Flags Of Valor LLC
Flags Of Valor LLC

Showing You Care

Thoughtful gifting, more important than ever!

Whether it's employee recognition awards or client appreciation gifts, most likely your people have seen it all...from the branded merchandise, cheap desk swag, to the made in China generic plaques. People are paying attention and they've shown the product is as important as the process that made it. We pride ourself in using the finest American lumber and the most patriotic combat Veteran craftsman labor to build your company's custom solution. We can even customize packaging and ship directly to individual addresses throughout the world.

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We will never stop giving back...having raised over $1M for veteran and public service charities. All of this is possible because of the outpouring of love from our supporters.

Veteran Jobs Created
Hours of American Manufacturing Labor
for Veteran Serving Charities!
Flags Of Valor LLC
Flags Of Valor LLC
Flags Of Valor LLC
Flags Of Valor LLC

Large Format Art

Yes, we can build it!

If you're looking for an oversized piece of wooden art for your business or home, we stand ready to make it a reality. We even coordinate freight delivery and can help with installation. For Massive wooden American flags or a decorative wooden art piece, please contact us

Flags Of Valor LLC

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