Flags Of Valor is all about SERVICE...Past, Present and Future.  We were founded on the simple truths that combat veterans deserve opportunity, Made in America matters, and we should never stop giving back.  Since our earliest days we've been dedicated to Remembering, Employing and Empowering our Heroes.   We are far more than a veteran-run business...we are a business that is simply dedicated to serve.  

Our team is exceptional and constantly growing. The majority of our craftsman are service-disabled, some with significant combat-related injuries.  We've created an environment where teamwork is foundational and camaraderie is supreme.  We've raised over $1M for veteran and first responder charities and work tirelessly to promote veteran issues and stories of courage.  We are grateful for your continued trust and support!   



Since its start in 2015, Flags of Valor grew from a two person garage operation to a nationally heralded veteran manufacturing company.  Founded by two veteran special operations pilots, FOV specializes in hand built wooden products that showcase American values. At its creation, they dedicated Flags of Valor to being American made, empowering veteran hands, and robustly giving back to charity.  In just over four years they’ve proven this commitment by creating more than 65 veteran jobs, raising $1,050,000 for veteran and first responder charities, and delivering over 97,000 hours of American manufacturing labor.  
The founders share a fundamental belief that our nation’s war veterans are one of its greatest resources.  Every veteran entered military service lacking the technical skills of their military specialty, however they learned quickly and adapted to diverse environments.  They’ve witnessed these strengths transferred to industry.  A strong empathy for the veteran journey led them to purposely pursue the most troubled veterans who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress or physical disabilities from their military service.  The environment at Flags Of Valor serves as a sanctuary for them…a place where they can convert raw materials into beautiful works of art.  Flags of Valor built a culture where camaraderie, shared mission, and love of country resonates deeply with every teammate.


Brian’s military service began in the US Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. He briefly left active duty to attend the University of Alabama. When he witnessed the attacks of 9/11 he knew he had a calling to return to active service. Upon graduation, he attended Air Force pilot training and became a special operations pilot.

After 8 consecutive combat deployments to the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa, he found himself rehabbing from a service-related injury. He needed a new way to focus his mind while he rebuilt his body.

Throughout his military journey he was constantly surrounded with symbols – flags, coins, patches, people, efforts – all reminders of the motivation to serve. During rehabilitation he didn’t wear a uniform, he didn’t wear his flag. He had a lingering question: “Where’s your flag?”

He began woodworking, devoting himself to building a handcrafted custom piece of pure Americana. After many attempts he failed to produce a product he was proud of. His woodworking went from a hobby to an obsession. His abilities transformed from novice to craftsman, and his focus became a passion. He began producing world class works of art. After donating several handmade wooden American flags to the families of fallen EOD soldiers, he realized there was a lot more work to do. 

The founders transformed this passion into Flags of Valor, a Veteran-owned, Veteran-operated, Veteran-made company, crafting beautiful works of American art. Their dream became a reality – employing veterans, raising money for veteran and first-responder charities, and providing Americans with an exceptional products.

Whether you are military, first responders, public servants, educators, business people, or simply proud Americans who love your country, they have one question: ”Where’s your flag?"

Team Flags of Valor Dec 2019

Veteran Owned • Veteran Operated • Combat Veteran Made