Liberty Series - Wooden American Flag

Sale price$ 135.00
Frame: Unframed
Size: Small
With Custom Engraving: No
Veteran + American Made

This product is made by military veterans from American grown and made materials

About the Liberty Flag

Built to represent our nation's illustrious founding to current day, our Liberty Series encapsulates something we cherish: American Liberty.

Country of Origin

United States

Framed Specs

XS: 15x23", 7.5 lbs
Small: 18x29", 9 lbs
Medium: 25x41", 16 lbs
Large: 31x53", 35 lbs

Unframed Specs

XS: 10x18", 2.5 lbs
Small: 13x24", 5 lbs
Medium: 19x36", 10 lbs
Large: 26x48", 20 lbs

Ready to Hang

Yes, each flag comes with pre-mounted hardware, making your flag ready to hang!


Yes, each flag can be customized with a personalized nameplate as well as an option for framing

Etched Stars

50 etched stars placed in the Union

13 Stripes

13 stripes, alternating with vibrant red and white.


Customizable with special engraving and framing options available.

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American Made

From our home in Winchester, VA, to your front door, every handcrafted item is made in America

Veteran Crafted

Each and every item is handcrafted and personalized by our team of veterans

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have thousands of 5-star reviews and guarantee that you'll love what you receive

Giving Back

We've donated more than $1.7 million to veteran operated nonprofits

Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Laurelie Gorski

This is Laurelie's husband. We love the flag. However, I'd like to share some constructive criticism. The issue is that the blue/stars, which is one solid piece of wood, is not supported sufficiently during shipment. I suspect that during shipping the box gets flipped over which causes the stars to "break" off. Please consider additional shipping support to this area of the flag. Or adding more glue. Or using 1/4" staples vs brad nails (they have better holding strength). But watch the location of the staples to avoid coming through into a star. I was able to make repairs as I have the equipment to do so. Again, we love the flag and feel honored to have it and support your company/cause. We have an even greater appreciation for vets now that our son is a US Marine. Thank you for considering.

Jennifer Bielot
Flag Breaking/Separating on wall

I really enjoyed having my flag hanging on the wall for all to see-even got comments about it, but its falling apart at the stripes and I've tried contacting customer service at least 2 times about it and still haven't heard back. I won't be buying another piece. With the cost of these flags - they shouldn't fall apart this easily. I'm not interesting in buying another flag when the one i have isn't holding up very well.

Susan L Souder
Grandsons 16th Birthday Gift

He loved his wooden flag, his birthday was 5/20, the flag is already hanging in his bedroom! His great grandfather was a WWll Army Vet, his grandfather is a Navy Vet I want to him to always have reminders of the great American history and those who fought for our freedom!!

Mary Allen
Liberty flag

I ordered the xs flag for my mantle, it arrived on schedule and it arrived promptly, looks great. My son saw it who is an Iraq & Afghanistan combat vet was so impressed that it’s a veteran owned business and that the vet that made my flag signed the back.

Tania Laird
Beautiful Piece of American Made artwork!

My customer received your flag last week and absolutely LOVES IT!! He is a retired Army Ranger and served in 2 tours. He has so much American pride and really cherished this wooden flag. I have always ordered from y'all because of the great craftsmanship of your flags and the fact that you are Veteran owned and employs Veterans. Shipping has always been super fast which we appreciate for our events! The cost of each item is totally worth it. You use the best materials and tools :) to build these great Flags!
This is definitely not the first nor the last flag I will be ordering as gifts for my customers and appreciate your amazing customer service and attention to details!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
-Dewalt Tools Field Rep Austin Texas YouTube video placeholder