Why we use DEWALT tools? Because they called back...

Flags of Valor and DEWALT tools - Made in America Matters

 Why do we use DEWALT tools? Shortly after launching Flags of Valor, I recall standing in our first (empty) workshop and realizing how much we needed to transform an idea into a real business.  We needed so much.  Wood, materials, packaging, CUSTOMERS!  The list of things we didn't have was long.  What we did have, shortly after opening our doors, was DEWALT tools.

I called 20 large companies when I started Flags of Valor. I was searching for companies that support veterans, hoping for assistance in securing a wide range of items...from bubble paper to medium-duty trucks. Of the 20 companies I called, only one company ever called back. 


Within 30 minutes of contacting DEWALT, I received a message from DEWALT's Global Vice President of Marketing, Jon Howland, himself a Navy Veteran.  From the beginning, DEWALT has understood and appreciated the mission of our company.  This initial contact has evolved into an incredible partnership for which we are incredibly grateful.