Updated Kid's Flag Build Kits


Now sold as a 2-Pack and includes 2 interactive activity books for adults and children to complete together. 
The kid's wooden American flag build kit is a wonderful way to bring families together and serves as a great teaching tool about American history as you discuss the symbols within the flag...50 stars, 13 stripes, the colors red, white, and blue. 


The values that make up the fabric of our country and the pride that fills our hearts won't be taught in history books.
Our DIY wooden flag kit is a great way to talk about the history of the flag and its origins, as well as influential American leaders and other symbols of freedom.
Assembled flags are 5" x 8" and no cutting is required, so this is a safe activity for all ages!
Kits are available on our website for $19.99.
Kid's wooden American Flag Craft kit patriotic Kids

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