Back to the Beginning with the American Widow Project

Thanks to the unbelievable support Flags Of Valor has received since we opened our doors in 2015, we have had the opportunity to support and participate in a wide range of wonderful, powerful and truly impactful events.  On behalf of our entire team, I am incredibly grateful for each of these opportunities.  

Something truly touching happened recently.  On Friday 19 May, I spent an evening with the American Widow Project at their retreat in North Carolina.  Visiting with these incredible women, each having experienced the profound sadness of losing a spouse in service to our Nation.  

It was during our conversations that the memory of delivering our first flag two years ago came rushing back. That first delivery was to the widow of a fallen soldier.

That experience, in 2014, left a permanent mark on me.  Though the feeling from that experience has been difficult to put into words, it has not been difficult to put into action.  Replicating that specific feeling, from those 15 minutes sharing the grief of a fallen soldier's spouse, is THE reason Flags Of Valor "Gives Back".  

We, Flags of Valor, will always Give Back.  Each day, through our actions, we will continue to honor and remember all who serve and sacrifice to defend our freedom and our way of life. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of our company and our mission.


Founder - Flags of Valor




Giving Back

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  • THANK YOU and your families

    George Cole on
  • You and your team continue to serve your country through your actions in helping give purpose and meaning to those that have served. We should never forget their ultimate sacrifice as well as their lasting disabilities from the action of war. God Bless America and those that have and are serving this great Nation.

    John Leloudis on
  • Heather Garay Yoder lost her husband 4 years ago, and I saw on her page she’s been involved with the American Widow Project. I’m sure she would love to be involved with FOV. Absolutely love what this company is about and I can’t wait to order. My father is a Army Veteran and many generations before him served.

    Crystal Sackal on

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